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What's Your Sales Leader Superpower - with Matt Phillips

What's Your Sales Leader Superpower - with Matt Phillips


Unlock the secrets of becoming a great sales leader as Phil Gerbyshak sits down with mental toughness expert and founder of Matt Phillips Coaching, Matt Phillips. Dive into the nuances of leadership, team-building, and emotional intelligence in sales.

Episode Time Stamps

How to Surround Yourself with the Right People - 0:00

  • Matt Phillips, the mental toughness expert, breaks the ice.

  • Discussing the criteria for selecting the right people.

  • Unpacking the qualities of authentic sales leaders.

What Makes a Good Sales Leader? - 5:24

  • The necessity of being assertive yet empathetic.

  • Matt shares one of his unforgettable experiences.

  • Phil reflects on the teachings from two influential leaders.

  • The transition from being a salesperson to a sales leader.

The Best Leaders Often Take Time to Learn - 10:24

  • Learning is a continuous journey, even for the best.

  • The balance between pedagogy and leading by example.

  • Exploring the Servant Leader mindset.

  • The significance of perspective in leadership.

Shifting Your Perspective on Salesforce - 14:57

  • Salesforce as a storytelling tool, not just a data tracker.

  • Navigating mental toughness in sales.

  • Matt's recommended books, courses, and mentors.

  • Why you should be tuning into educational podcasts.

Taking Information and Implementing It into Practice - 19:52

  • How to construct a leadership philosophy from ground zero.

  • Exploring the wisdom from the book "Predictably Irrational."

  • Implementation is the bedrock of success.

  • Discussing the lifestyle hacks of the 5am and 3am clubs.

Practice vs. Practice - 24:50

  • Why rising at 5 am can be more transformative than you think.

  • "Action eliminates fear and unhappiness"—The takeaway of the segment.

  • Stop overthinking and start doing.

  • Rediscovering the 'swing' in your sales process.

Sales Leaders Superpower Quiz - 28:49

  • The unveiling of the Sales Leaders Superpower Quiz.

  • Understanding the customers and your team's dynamics.

  • A dual-faceted approach to sales leadership.

  • Unearthing your superpowers through the quiz.

The Challenges Sales Leaders Have to Work Through - 33:00

  • The cornerstone of mental toughness in leadership.

  • Emotional control as a pivotal aspect of effective leadership.

  • Energy and consistent action as the fourth elements.

How Do We Find Our Leadership Philosophy? - 37:48

  • The roadmap to identifying your leadership philosophy.

  • A four-step process for tangible philosophy building.

  • The importance of defining metrics to measure your effectiveness.

Where to Start with Your Sales Leadership? - 41:58

  • Reflecting on your identity as a 'process' person.

  • Taking Matt's quiz for actionable insights.

  • Time management as a non-negotiable skill.

  • The value of inquiry—Start asking more questions.


  1. Understanding People: A sales leader's superpower often resides in their ability to read people and situations effectively.

  2. Continual Learning: Staying open to new knowledge and perspectives can be a game-changer in your leadership journey.

  3. Action Over Introspection: While planning and reflection are essential, they should not replace action.

  4. Know Your Philosophy: A clear leadership philosophy is not just a guide; it is the foundation of your leadership style.

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