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Overcoming Caveman Brain with Dr. Jean Oursler

Overcoming Caveman Brain with Dr. Jean Oursler

Ever wondered how our ancient caveman brain can help us nail those sales targets? Well, Dr. Jean Oursler, the results queen herself, and sales whiz Phil Gerbyshak got together for a chat, and boy, did they have some cool stuff to share!

Just Keep Swimming, Folks!

First off, Dr. Oursler drops this gem: "Just keep swimming." Yeah, you got it, that's Dory from Finding Nemo! It's all about keeping your head up and moving forward, no matter what. Pretty neat advice for anyone in sales, don't you think?

Your Caveman Brain: Friend or Foe?

Next up, they dive into this whole "caveman brain" thing. Turns out, our amygdala, the caveman part of our brain, can either be our best buddy or our worst enemy in sales. It's all about the stories we tell ourselves. So, if you're feeling jittery about making that call, remember, it's just your caveman brain messing with you!

Don't Be Shy, Just Ask!

Dr. Oursler also talks about the power of asking. A lot of us in sales kind of wait around, hoping the client will give us a sign. But hey, why not take the lead and ask the right questions? It could be your ticket to more sales!

Party Time: Celebrate Your Wins

They also chat about the importance of throwing a little party for yourself every time you score a win. A lot of us forget to do this, and it can lead to burnout. Plus, celebrating tells your caveman brain you're doing something right. So, go on, pat yourself on the back!

The PB&J of Sales

And lastly, Dr. Oursler introduces us to the "peanut butter and jelly method" in sales. It's all about sticking to a tried-and-true sales process, just like making a PB&J sandwich. Sure, it might sound a bit boring, but hey, consistency can bring in some sweet results!

So, there you have it! Dr. Jean Oursler and Phil Gerbyshak really know their stuff when it comes to sales. They've got some great tips on using our caveman brain, asking the right questions, celebrating wins, and keeping things consistent. But don't just take our word for it, why not check out the full episode and hear it straight from the horse's mouth? Trust us, you won't regret it!

Learn more from Dr. Jean, the Results Queen, at https://cavemanbrain.com

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