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Midlife Fulfilled with Bernie Borges

Midlife Fulfilled with Bernie Borges

Midlife isn't old - it's just another stage of life

Episode Overview:

In this insightful episode of the Happy AF Show, host Phil Gerbyshak welcomes Bernie Borges, the host of the Midlife Fulfilled podcast. Bernie shares his journey from a marketing entrepreneur to focusing on midlife fulfillment, highlighting the distinction between happiness and fulfillment. They delve into the five pillars of fulfillment and explore how midlife is a season of its own, filled with opportunities and challenges.

Key Discussion Points:

1. Introduction to Midlife Fulfilled Podcast:

- Bernie Borges discusses his motivation for creating the Midlife Fulfilled podcast, emphasizing the need for content that addresses midlife fulfillment, particularly for men.

2. Happiness vs. Fulfillment:

- Bernie explains the difference between happiness and fulfillment, noting that while happiness is fleeting, fulfillment is deep and enduring.

3. The Five Pillars of Fulfillment:

- Health, Fitness, Career, Relationships, and Legacy are identified as key areas to achieve fulfillment. Bernie shares insights from his interviews and personal experiences on navigating these pillars.

4. Challenges and Strategies:

- The conversation covers the difficulties of maintaining fulfillment in various aspects of life, particularly legacy, and offers strategies to overcome these challenges.

5. Redefining Midlife:

- Bernie redefines midlife beyond the traditional 40-60 age range, proposing that it starts in the 30s when adulting responsibilities begin and continues until the end of life.

Pull Quotes:

1. “Happiness is a fleeting moment... Fulfillment, Phil, is soul deep. It is immutable.”

2. “Legacy is the hardest one... because it is something we think about in midlife.”

3. “If you’re 80% fulfilled, you’re doing great.”

4. “Life is complex... put the pressure on yourself across the Five Pillars.”

Final Thoughts:

Bernie Borges leaves listeners with the advice to evaluate their lives across the five pillars, providing clarity and focus. His message encourages embracing the complexities of midlife with a balanced approach to fulfillment.


- Visit Midlife Fulfilled for more insights and the midlife career checklist.

Tune in to this episode for an engaging discussion on finding deep and lasting fulfillment in midlife!

Happiness Practices with Phil Gerbyshak
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