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How to Listen with Oscar Trimboli

How to Listen with Oscar Trimboli

This is a conversation between Oscar Trimboli, author of "How to Listen," and Phil Gerbyshak. The conversation revolves around the importance of listening and the nuances of effective communication.

Oscar Trimboli shares his personal experiences and insights about listening, emphasizing the difference between "paying attention" and "giving attention." He suggests that giving attention, which involves being fully present and curious, can lead to more meaningful interactions than merely paying attention, which can feel like an obligation.

Trimboli also discusses the concept of listening for what is not said, stating that what people don't say is often more important and influential than what they do say. He provides three questions to help uncover what hasn't been said: "Tell me more," "And what else?" and a silent pause to allow the speaker to continue their thought.

Here are some thought-provoking questions based on our conversation:

  1. The Power of Silence: Oscar Trimboli emphasizes the importance of silence in a conversation. How can you incorporate more silence into your own conversations to encourage others to express their thoughts more fully?

  2. Listening for What's Not Said: Trimboli suggests that what people don't say is often more important than what they do say. How can you apply this concept in your own interactions to better understand others' perspectives?

  3. Giving Attention vs. Paying Attention: Trimboli differentiates between "giving attention" and "paying attention." How might changing your approach from paying attention to giving attention affect your communication and relationships?

Learn more from Oscar at https://OscarTrimboli.com

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