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How to Increase Positivity, Reduce Fear and Boost Success with Anthony Iannarino

How to Increase Positivity, Reduce Fear and Boost Success with Anthony Iannarino

Thought leaders often find themselves entangled in the webs of negativity, especially in our digitally interconnected age. In a conversation that's as illuminating as it is uplifting, Anthony Iannarino, author of "The Negativity Fast," joins Phil Gerbyshak to dissect the essence of negativity and offer potent solutions for personal growth. This podcast is a respite for anyone—speakers, trainers, coaches, consultants, facilitators, and authors—who is feeling stressed or overwhelmed by the surging tide of negativity.

Key Takeaways:

1. The Power of a 'Negativity Fast':

Anthony Iannarino kicked off the conversation by stressing the importance of a "negativity fast." This essentially means stepping away from negative stimuli like news and politics to focus on personal growth. This was inspired by one of his less-than-pleasant life experiences—putting stucco on houses, which turned out to be one of the worst pieces of advice he'd ever received. Despite such challenges, he decided to use his trials as a platform to build positivity.

2. Empathy as an Antidote to Negative Emotions:

Reflecting on his background and development in comedy, Iannarino advocates the transformative power of empathy. By using his life experiences, he helps others navigate their challenges. The key takeaway here is that empathy is not just an emotional balm but a critical tool for thought leaders to connect with and guide others.

3. Letting Go of the Need for External Validation:

In a profound exchange with Phil, Iannarino discusses the reality that most people are not as concerned with us as we might think. This realization can be incredibly liberating, allowing us to focus more on our own growth and less on what others might think. He also stressed the importance of daily writing to maintain authenticity and to crystallize one's own thoughts and beliefs.

4. Gratitude as a Lifestyle:

Both speakers delved into the science-backed benefits of gratitude, which include lowered blood pressure and increased cognitive functioning. Iannarino also noted the mental wellness benefits of limiting social media exposure, which can be a significant source of negativity and stress. They advocate for teaching social media literacy to middle schoolers and stress the importance of face-to-face human interactions.

5. Solving Instead of Complaining:

The final leg of the podcast was a hard-hitting discussion on the dangers of complaining. From damaging personal relationships to promoting a negative mindset, complaining does more harm than good. Instead, Iannarino promotes a "solution-oriented" approach. This change in mindset not only eliminates negativity but also propels us towards creative problem-solving.

Next steps and conclusion:

In a world that is often overrun with negativity, the podcast offers a beacon of positivity and actionable advice. Whether it is the power of taking a "negativity fast," the freedom that comes from releasing the need for external validation, or the simple yet profound impact of saying "thank you," this podcast is a must-listen for any thought leader looking to make an impact in a meaningful way.

So, if you're looking to reshape your perspective and reignite your passion, it might be time to hit that pre-order button for Anthony Iannarino's upcoming book, "The Negativity Fast" at The Sales Blog. Because let's face it, the world could use a bit more positivity, and so could you. 

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