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Creating Positive Change Through Empathy and Self-awareness

Creating Positive Change Through Empathy and Self-awareness

Insights from Marsha Acker, CEO of Team Catapult

Marsha Acker, the CEO of Team Catapult and the author of "Builder Model for Leading Change," shares her insights on the essential elements of leadership and personal growth in a recent podcast episode. With an engaging and thoughtful dialogue, Aker discusses the significance of empathy, self-awareness, and structured self-reflection in fostering positive changes both in personal life and within organizations.

Understanding Happiness and Leadership

For Acker, happiness comprises simple yet profound elements: a warm cup of coffee, a beautiful sunrise, and a serene blue waterscape. Her definition extends into her professional philosophy, where happiness influences leadership styles and organizational change. Acker emphasizes the importance of understanding personal and behavioral models as foundational aspects of effective leadership. She advocates for leaders to develop a consistent self-awareness that informs their interactions and decision-making processes.

Empathy in Leadership

The role of empathy stands out prominently in Acker's discussion. She highlights how the current lack of empathy in many professional and social interactions can hinder meaningful communication and progress. Acker's approach involves recognizing differences and finding ways to empathically engage with others, especially in challenging workplace dynamics.

Dealing with Change and Setting Boundaries

Navigating change is a central theme of Acker's book and her professional coaching practices. She introduces concepts from David Kerr's structural dynamics theory, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a "center of gravity" through one's leadership model, behavior, and life philosophy. Acker encourages leaders to establish clear personal boundaries to prevent work from overwhelming other aspects of life. She stresses the significance of starting each day with intention and space, allowing for a more controlled and positive impact on daily activities.

Tactics for New and Established Leaders

Acker provides practical advice for both new and established leaders. She suggests the use of journaling to reflect on interactions and experiences to better understand personal reactions and the dynamics of high-stakes situations. By recognizing when stakes are rising, leaders can more effectively manage their responses and engage in more constructive dialogues.

Acker also touched upon the importance of navigating high-stakes situations without escalating tensions. She advises leaders to ask reflective questions and encourage open dialogue to better understand and address underlying issues in high-pressure scenarios.

Final Thoughts and Resources

Marsha Acker's insights offer a roadmap for leaders aiming to enhance their efficacy through self-awareness, empathy, and proactive change management. Her strategies are designed to help leaders foster environments where creativity, productivity, and positivity are at the forefront. For those interested in deeper exploration, Acker's book and the additional resources at Team Catapult provide valuable guidance for personal and professional growth.

Through her work, Acker demonstrates a profound understanding of the complexities of leadership and the transformative power of adopting a model that values empathy, clarity, and personal integrity.

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