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Bouncing Back from Burnout with Cait Donovan

Bouncing Back from Burnout with Cait Donovan

  • Guest: Cait Donovan, burnout expert and author of "The Bounce Backability Factor"

Key Topics & Discussion Points:

  1. Gratitude Journal: A Misguided Advice for Burnout Recovery

    • Cait Donovan explains that while gratitude journals are beneficial in general, they are not effective for individuals suffering from burnout due to their inability to evoke a genuine emotional response during such times.

    • Pull Quote: "When you're burnt out, engendering feelings of gratitude is really, really hard...it feels like a little paternalistic, a slap in the face."

  2. Cait’s Personal Journey with Burnout

    • Cait shares her own experience with burnout as a female entrepreneur and how existing research didn’t cater to her situation.

    • Pull Quote: "I burnt out as a female entrepreneur in a job that I loved, and the research did not speak to me."

  3. The Role of Adverse Childhood Experiences in Burnout

    • She delves into how early childhood trauma and adverse experiences can contribute to burnout later in life.

    • Pull Quote: "There were huge empty holes of things in my life that I wasn't really paying attention to... early childhood trauma could lead to burnout later."

  4. The Importance of One Supportive Adult

    • Cait highlights the impact of having at least one adult who believes in you during childhood and how it can mitigate the effects of trauma.

    • Pull Quote: "Having one adult who consistently shows up for you...is enough to buffer out a pretty extreme traumatic experience."

  5. The Impact of Returning to the Office on Burnout

    • Discussion on how the transition back to office work post-COVID-19 is contributing to increased burnout levels.

    • Pull Quote: "We are changing the rules of engagement halfway through the game...it's just upsetting."

  6. Differentiating Burnout from Stress

    • Cait distinguishes between stress and burnout, emphasizing the inability of those suffering from burnout to feel refreshed even after a break.

    • Pull Quote: "If you are burnt out, you will take a 10-day vacation and not be refreshed and ready to go when you come back."

  7. Resentment Journal: An Unconventional Approach

    • Cait recommends maintaining a resentment journal as a starting point for addressing burnout, which helps identify where personal boundaries are being crossed.

    • Pull Quote: "Use a resentment journal when burnt out... it shows every single place where our boundaries are being crossed."

  8. Simple Self-Care Practices

    • Emphasizes basic self-care like responding to natural body signals, such as drinking water when thirsty or resting when tired.

    • Pull Quote: "Practice foundational self-care... start paying attention to how often you're overriding your signal that it's time to go to the bathroom."

  9. Book and Podcast Recommendations


  • Cait’s insights provide a deeper understanding of burnout and practical steps for recovery.

  • Phil Gerbyshak wraps up the episode by appreciating Cait's expertise and recommending her book and podcast for further exploration into managing burnout.

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