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Become a Trusted Learning Advisor with Dr. Keith Keating

Become a Trusted Learning Advisor with Dr. Keith Keating

Welcome to our latest podcast episode where we dive into the evolving world of Learning & Development (L&D) with Dr. Keith Keating, the author of the recently released "Trusted Learning Adviser" book.

Key Points Discussed:

  1. Dr. Keith Keating's Educational Journey:

    • Inspired by his boss to pursue a doctorate at the University of Pennsylvania.

    • Recognized the importance of continuous learning, even as an L&D professional.

  2. Role of Continuous Learning:

    • Dr. Keating emphasizes the necessity of lifelong learning.

    • Shares his experiences in various learning avenues, from writing a book to teaching at the University of Pennsylvania.

  3. Transition from Order Taker to Trusted Advisor:

    • Defines 'Order Taker' in the L&D context.

    • Discusses the historical perspective and evolution of L&D roles.

    • Emphasizes the need for L&D professionals to be proactive and strategic.

  4. Artificial Intelligence in L&D:

    • Dr. Keating's stance on AI: a critical tool for future success.

    • Explains how AI can augment L&D processes and enhance efficiency.

    • Warns against the fear of AI, urging professionals to embrace and utilize it.

  5. The Concept of a Trusted Learning Adviser:

    • Describes a trusted adviser as a strategic, embedded, and respected business partner.

    • Stresses the importance of aligning L&D goals with learner needs.

  6. Five Pillars of Trust for a Trusted Learning Adviser:

    • Dr. Keating talks about 'Credibility' as a key pillar.

    • Discusses the inclusive nature of the L&D industry and the need for genuine competence.

  7. Credibility in Practice:

    • Personal insights on maintaining credibility through recent and relevant experience.

    • The difference between being a 'thought leader' and an active practitioner.

  8. Reputational Impact in L&D:

    • The importance of positive learning experiences and their long-term effects.

    • Shares insights from his research on CFOs' perceptions of L&D.

  9. Engaging with CFOs as Stakeholders:

    • Advises building relationships with CFOs and understanding their perspectives.

    • Highlights the need for qualitative data in addition to ROI metrics.

  10. Developing a Personal Brand in L&D:

    • Suggestions for building a strong personal brand.

    • Importance of adopting a new mindset and aligning with stakeholder language.

  11. Final Insights:

    • Dr. Keating stresses the importance of research and making stakeholders the heroes of their stories.

    • Encourages using external data and perspectives to strengthen business cases.


Dr. Keith Keating provides valuable insights into the transformation of the L&D field, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning, embracing AI, and building credibility. His book, "Trusted Learning Adviser," offers further tools and techniques for professionals in the field.

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